For taxi companies

In view of the specific needs of taxi companies, we extended VEMOCO’s basic functions with further special services based on primarily real-time location finding, and terminal equipment necessary to utilise the services has also been developed.

Area-based vehicle selection

On the co-ordinator’s platform, the colleague receiving the order can simply and easily locate an available driver within a specific area. He or she can inform the driver about the new order with a message.

Sending client information to the selected drivers

Message notification system

With this function it is possible to notify a driver or drivers’ group. The message is displayed on the LCD screen of the terminal with a voice reminder.

Driver identification and working hours log

The start and the end of the driver’s working time can be monitored and recorded with the identification system using the IC card. In the absence of correct identification, the vehicle cannot be switched on. This can therefore offer significant assistance in preventing unauthorised use.

Fuel consumption management

With the help of detailed information, taxi companies can monitor real-time fuel consumption statistics of each vehicle to check fuel consumption costs. Fuel consumption data is collected via the Canbus J1939 link; its accuracy is about 95%.

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