For logistics companies

For logistic companies, it is imperative that their costs are optimised in order to safeguard their competitiveness and maximise their safety. VEMOCO high-tech services can increase your company’s technical advantages: The detailed operational information can reduce your costs and by utilising the safety services you can increase the safety of your colleagues, which then can also help you to create and safeguard the good reputation of your company.

Instant rescue alarm

Thanks to the crash sensor installed in the VEMOCO device, if an emergency situation is detected, the device immediately initiates an alarm process so that the driver can receive help from rescue services immediately. The logistics fleet manager will dispatch the rescue vehicle to the scene, rescue the people and the vehicles, thus minimising the loss.

One-key-call service

The vehicle driver can request assistance from the Service Centre at any time, 24 hours a day, including real-time navigation and traffic information, as well as details on nearby hotels, fuel stations, parking areas and restaurants.

Fuel consumption management

Fleet owners can monitor real-time vehicle fuel consumption either by using the VEMOCO smartphone app or via the VEMOCO portal. With the help of detailed information, they can compare the fuel consumption statistics of each vehicle to check fuel consumption costs. Fuel consumption data is collected via the Canbus J1939 link; its accuracy is about 95%.

Mileage management

Via the VEMOCO Internet portal and mobile phone app, the mileage data of each vehicle can be checked and analysed down to the smallest detail (such as driving at night, distance covered, stopping and idle times, etc.). Fleet owners can prepare detailed reports from the measured data to suit their individual needs.

Driving details relating to one specific day

Optimal driving behaviour

The service can help to evaluate the drivers’ driving behaviours. The VEMOCO smartphone app will send an instant alarm if it detects that the vehicle has exceeded the permissible speed limit, accelerated rapidly, made a sharp turn, braked sharply, or made any other unacceptable behaviour. By learning about the frequently made mistakes and by ensuring that they are eliminated, driving will become safer, vehicle maintenance costs will be reduced and the service life of the vehicle will be extended.

By using the VEMOCO Service platform, the fleet manager can send instructions to the drivers to increase driving safety and improve driving efficiency.

Remote diagnostics

The fleet owner and the driver will receive immediate and easily understandable feedback on any technical faults and the nature thereof via the VEMOCO smartphone app and web portal. This enables any necessary maintenance requirements to be responded to within the shortest possible time.

Active maintenance reminder

Depending on the settings, the VEMOCO platform will send regular reminders to the driver and the fleet owner about any pending maintenance required. This will help the drivers to remember these dates and to utilise their vehicles better.

Vehicle management

With the help of the VEMOCO platform, the actual real-time tracking and route of the vehicle can be monitored and, with the help of the Geo-fence function, the area can also be defined – if the vehicle exits this area, the device will send an instant alarm.

Real-time vehicle management

Monitoring and scheduling

Thanks to the automatic registration of route history, this is an ideal tool to use for almost real-time vehicle monitoring and scheduling and to prepare an up-to-date journey form.
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