For insurance companies

What is insurance telematics?

Telematics is a wireless technology that is able to deliver safety and vehicle-related information, thus providing an outstanding opportunity for car insurance companies to create new policies. By using very precise data on the real-time location of the vehicle and the driving behaviour transmitted by the VEMOCO OBD II device, insurance companies can introduce revolutionary new pricing models. They can capture a greater share of low-risk drivers, thus reducing their claim management costs and enhancing the overall consumer experience. VEMOCO’s telematics solution includes an OBD II device that can be connected to the vehicle (installed by the car owner without the need to go to a car repair centre), web-based telematics software and an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet app, with which the vehicle’s alarms and notifications can be received and monitored.

Winning with insurance telematics

What benefits can insurance companies obtain from the VEMOCO service?

It cuts the costs of claim management
and maximises profits through innovative risk management.

By analysing real-time driving data of vehicles and drivers (mileage, driving time and dangerous driving behaviour), the insurance company can identify the actual risk level of its clients and, in accordance with this information, adjust their insurance premiums and select a wide-range, low-risk customer base.

By providing safety services – such as theft prevention – the insurance company can increase the safety level of its customers and actively lower the risk. This is unlike any traditional risk management scheme, where the aim is simply to manage the occurrence of insurance claims.

By collecting almost real-time vehicle information, the insurance company is able to detect the accident immediately, which provides more accurate damage assessment, prevents the possibility of insurance fraud and also provides instant assistance.

Increase in sales
by providing value-added services

Customers can obtain value-added services – such as theft prevention, roadside assistance, or maintenance reminders. By providing different services, the insurance company can improve its competitive advantage, market share and customer loyalty.

Other applications available for insurance companies

VEMOCO service has many special features to help insurance companies achieve their goals.

Driving behaviour analysis and optimisation

The daily and monthly driving behaviours of all the vehicles can be analysed with the help of driving statistics: Rapid acceleration, sharp braking, tight cornering, speed-rev count changes, high engine rev-count, speed limit exceedances, fatigue whilst driving.

The vehicle’s daily/monthly driving behaviour diagram:

Insurance companies can receive reports and evaluate their customers’ driving behaviour. By analysing the daily and monthly driving scores, insurance premiums can be tailored to customers. If the vehicles indicate dangerous driving behaviour, such as regular speeding or fatigue whilst driving, the system will send an alarm to the driver’s smartphone, thus reducing the risk of traffic accidents.

The vehicle or fleet owner can request details of the actual drivers’ behaviours. On the basis of this, incorrect driving habits can be improved, and this can also help fuel cost savings and improve the vehicle’s safety level.

Remote diagnostics

In the VEMOCO platform fault statistics, when a fault is detected in the vehicle, the fault code is recorded with the description of the fault and the corresponding recommendation to rectify it. This allows insurance companies to monitor the technical condition of every vehicle. If the insurance company detects a significant fault code, it can notify the vehicle owner to remind him or her of the need for maintenance. This will improve safety and reduce the risk of paying insurance compensation.

Accident detection and rescue

If the vehicle is involved in an accident, VEMOCO sends out an alarm, whereby the insurance company can detect the accident immediately. As the information on the accident is available immediately, instant rescue operations can also be initiated. The driver can also request help using the "one-key-call" button.

If the vehicle protection status is activated, the vibration alarm and the illegal start-up alarm are also switched on. This will prevent the theft of the vehicle, thus reducing the risk of paying insurance compensation.

These features are available to both insurance companies and the vehicle owners. These value-added services are especially attractive to vehicle insurance customers.

Exact kilometre/fuel consumption reports

All the vehicles’ daily and monthly mileage and fuel consumption data is available in the kilometre/fuel consumption statistics:

Insurance companies can adjust insurance premiums in accordance with the mileage.

Fleet owners can obtain the mileage and fuel consumption details of the vehicles in their fleet in order to check vehicle usage on the basis of the drivers’ work schedules and to save on fuel costs.

Easy installation: plug-and-play

Installing the VEMOCO OBD II device does not require a technical expert – it can be connected easily. There are no maintenance costs, and the device does not affect the vehicle's electronic systems.

Insurance, completion of payment

The insurance company can handle the insurance policies of every customer and remind them of the next payment date.

If necessary, other applications can also be included in the system, according to the insurance companies' requirements.
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